Mariana Mezic

In the last two years, Mariana Mezic has literally burst onto the art scene with her vibrant, whimsical art. She creates vivid large-scale paintings of women, that is a spirited and beautiful explosion of color straight from her heart and soul. 

Mariana says she draws the type of women she’s inspired by: “Brave, strong, fearless women. Tough-eyed women not to be messed with. Drawing women like that inspire me to keep on being brave in my work”.

Working with graphite pencil and languid watercolors, Mariana’s distinctive work features bold, hyper-realistic faces surrounded by colorful and energetic scenes with objects that hold small clues, hinting at her subject’s personalities. Her work is a color explosion for the senses, and a thoughtful look at beauty and strength that emanates from each of the women she has chosen to portray.

Mariana Mezic is an artist from Adelaide Hills. She lives on a 25-acre farm in Kanmantoo with her husband Matt and four children aged 2-14.

"Be still my beating rock and roll heart, Mariana is the Marianne Faithful of modern art”. 


"I started looking at her art and I was completely blown away by how unique it is. It’s very cutting edge, it pushes boundaries and feels both mystical and forward-thinking at the same time…I’m such an admirer of her work. I’m just floored by her eye, she is incredibly gifted.”


"I discovered Mariana's work quite by accident and I immediately knew I wanted her powerful work to represent the strong, diverse and beautiful program I was putting together for the 2018 Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Her characters each have a life of their own and she seems to create them from a very truthful place. I am so proud of her involvement with the festival and even more proud to have her art adorning my walls at home”